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I’ve been using Hydrate 2n1 & Glow Oil for about 3 wks now and only wish I’d started sooner. My hair texture is softer and without breakage. I tried so many different growth oils and shampoos in the past but this seems to be the best so far. I’m a cancer survivor with alopecia as well, so my hair loss was very depressing for me. Even after 3wks, I see new strands of hair and am much more excited on my hair journey!

Ann Jackson, SC

Cierra is the best! Not only a hairstylist, but a HAÏR DOCTOR! She keeps my hair healthy and strong. Been going to her for near 5 years. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXCELLENT SERVICE AND WORK!

Crystal Lewis, AZ

Whole experience was enjoyable ❤️

Nicole Kones, AZ

I absolutely love the Hydrate 2n1. It’s everything I needed, super hydrating and felt sooooo good while massaging throughout my hair. I’ve barely added any product to my hair this week because it’s still so soft, shiny, and hydrated. This hydrator is BOMB! Thank you so much, Cierra!

Shaakira McMurray, AZ

The Revampp Experience

Cierra B.

Looking for a change? Looking to do something out of the ordinary? Whether it’s basic, chic, or over the top we got the recipe! Born and raised in Bowman, South Carolina, Cierra B. has been working her magic since 16 yrs old and licensed since 2011. She has worked alongside Tyra Banks and America’s next top models while living in California in 2015. Currently Cierra B resides in Tucson, Arizona where she has a private salon suite servicing customers. Cierra B has also formulated a plant based and vegan hair growth line with extraordinary reviews from clients! Are you dealing with hair loss issues, thinning, balding, dry or itchy scalp? These 100% organic products are designed to nurture, reconstruct, and heal for maximum results!

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